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Wombledon is the conclusion of having had a career within fashion & retail design. I am Alison Prior & studied at St.Martins College of Art (London) back in the seventies, then worked as a retail designer for many fashion houses & shops around London. I have always loved vintage fashion & unique vintage items. I am also committed to reducing waste & think by buying vintage we can help the enviroment. This is why I have named it Wombledon & painted the shop bright green. I am not from Wimbledon but I am a Womble.

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When when 'The Antiques Roadshow' came to Minehead back in 2017, I was able to meet expert Ronnie Archie Morgan. Who very helpfully gave his opinion on the giant Victorian puzzle, seen here behind us on the table. Also managed to get valuations on a few other special items. As it was a special episode celebrating their first visit to Minehead's Steam Railway, I came dressed for the part in my favourite steam punk outfit.

I moved to Minehead from London in 2015 & have made this quirky little town my home. I love the atmosphere here, usually quiet but often vibrant with holiday makers too. There are many festivals & special events that go on throughout the summer. We also have the most beautiful & dramatic coastline & nature trails through Exmoor too. The area attracts all sorts of people. For this reason I like to think my shop has something for everyone.
I have been trading since 2016. I get very nice feedback from my customers on a daily basis, so think I might be getting it right.